Lost At Home
Our new EP "Lost At Home" will be available everywhere on june 15th and we can't wait for you to hear it!
Festival d'été de Québec
We are so happy to announce that we are part of the legendary Festival d'Été de Québec.

we will be playing on the last day of the festival, just before the sum 41 show so come have a cold one @ L'anti bar & spectacles on july 15
Beautiful Mistake
Here It is, our new video for our brand new single "Beautiful Mistake"!   It is one of our favourites songs that we've ever written so we hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as we love playing it live.

We wrote Beautiful Mistake during the fall of 2016, recorded it in June and July 2017 and shot the video in early August so it's safe to say that the wait until we could finally release it in late October was pure torture.

It was produced and engineered by Oli Leblanc, edited by Oli Leblanc and Soufiane Benrqiq and mixed and mastered by Jefri Irsyad from Seventh Records.

The video was extremely fun to shoot. We just spent a whole weekend at Vince's cottage with our good friend Soufiane Benrqiq from Upawa Sessions, had a lot of fun, played one of our favourite songs over and over and kicked Brad's ass!

Punk Rock Meeting
We are really happy to announce that We are on the line up of the first edition of the Punk Rock Meeting, a new festival happening in our hometown of Quebec City that is also featuring bands such as The Fullblast, Curbside, an Each On Set  and Try Again reunion as well as some our pals in Hitch & Go and Persistence...

Pretty sick line up for a  first edition, we are stoked to be a part of it!
WATCH our very first video for our song "Anthem Of The Unsung" that was shot during 2 shows in Ottawa, On and Montreal, Qc in April 2017. Special thanks to everyone who came to these shows for being so amazing, all the bands that we played with and Christ Thivierge Photography, who spent 3 days with us on the road to film these shots and to take awesome pictures of our weekend. 
This first EP was recorded during the winter of 2016 and released on may 10th.
the instruments were recorded directly in our jam space and the vocals in Oli's studio. Having a studio and a diploma in sound producing and engineering, Oli spent countless hours Producing and engineered this EP. He also co-edited it alongside with Soufiane Benrqiq from Upawa Records.
All the drums were played by ou friend William Dionne from the band Portland because we had no drummer at that time and Will was filling in  for us. He was doing such a good job that we had no choice but to have him on our EP! He recorded all the drums in 1 day...
Bite-Sized Bullshit was then mixed and mastered on the other side of the world by our Indonesian friend Jefri Irsyad from 7th records. He did such an amazing job, we were blown away when we first heard the final product.
The cover was designed by Matt Wilson from Gutrot Design and the back and interior of the CD by Oli Leblanc.
One year later, we're still so proud of that first EP and still love every song on it. 

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